Kerry Cudmore is ...


Grassroots Entrepreneur — Kerry has been creating businesses for over 30 years. She believes that the most successful businesses are built, from the ground up, to outrageously support the business owner. She has embodied this philosophy, and as a ICF Professional Certified Coach, she empowers others to do the same through her signature one-on-one coaching and coaching groups.








Master Empowerment Leader & Firewalking Instructor — Fear; the ultimate 4-letter word ... and an illusion. Kerry empowers others to move beyond their limiting beliefs by directly challenging them—physically. Firewalking, board breaking, arrow breaking, steel bar bending, glass walking, and myriad empowerment activities; bringing event and class participants to an empowered mental capacity by proving that you are—literally—more powerful than your fear.








Curious Wisdom Creator — What if you are intimately connected with everyone and everything? What if it is all easier and more joyful than you imagine? What if everything you do is powerful? Curious Wisdom is a joyful, interactive,  metaphysical romp, where she riffs Kerry-isms in response to connection,
curiosity, and conversation. Expect to be inspired.






Spiritual Finance Founder — Kerry used to have a terrible relationship with money. A disorganized wallet, piles of unopened bills, and daily calls from angry creditors were indications of just how bad it was. She decided to change things once and for all, redefining her relationship with money, and now helping others do the same. She is author of "A New Relationship With Money," and founder of the Spiritual Finance Initiative, a 501c3 organization that is devoted to changing our individual and collective relationships with money.







You’ve never met Kerry?  Well, you should also know that she’s ... quirky, intuitive, fun, metaphysical, believes in your magnificence, loves the backstage pass, lives outside the box, (swears like a truck driver), and is no-shit-no-kidding dedicated to helping you realize your true potential ... are you?