The Glass Walk

Creating unwavering positive focus—no matter what!
1 to 4 p.m. Saturday, May 20 at Sisters of Solace, Westport MA  

The idea of positive focus is one thing. The direct physical experience of it—while walking across a bed of broken glass—is quite another. In this depth-filled and engaging workshop we will use exploration and direct physical experience to create a complete mind/body/soul experience. You will have the opportunity to walk on broken glass as a direct physical demonstration of your newfound grasp of focus in relationship to your reality (this exercise is optional).
By experiencing this type of unwavering focus, you can expect to access a new and completely connected sense of self, with renewed self-empowerment and vigor for creating the life you may have only dreamed of. Transforming what is “real” and “true” with each and every step. Participation is limited and preregistration is required. Register early to secure your place.






 Advance ticket purchase required
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Kerry Cudmore

PO Box N237

Westport, MA  02790


To register by phone, contact Kerry: 508-636-6549