Sacred Firewalking



"My experience with Kerry provided me simple and powerful tools to help gain recognition and clarity of my deeper self. These tools are applicable both in my own day-to-day life but also in my work with other folks along the path to healing."

— Linda Davis, Lic. Ac. 

Acupuncturist, Inner Harbor Acupuncture


"The Sacred Firewalk was an incredible experience. I knew deep down I had to be there, but I was terrified. I was with an amazing group of people; with their support and overcoming my fears, I could feel myself transforming through the process. i am truly blessed and grateful for the experience.  I would highly recommend the Sacred Firewalk.  You will learn a lot about yourself and meet an amazing bunch of people in the process."

— Amy Curti

Administrative Coordinator


"The whole firewalking experience was ... unexpected. I was intrigued. Curious. How could this change anything? Why should I even try this potentially dangerous and seemingly insane endevour? What to gain while hurt or worse could happen? Answer; to WALK THROUGH MY FEAR OF IT! No doubt. No questions. I HAVE WALKED THROUGH FIRE! I know that I can ... do ... anything. I have walked through fire!"

— Jim St. Pierre

Firetender, Believer, Walker


"I had the opportunity to attend Kerry Cudmore's Sacred Firewalking Event and am so glad I did!  Kerry is such a dynamic presenter!  Her ability to lead us through our fears while laughing and having fun is a rare gift.  I was honored to attend and highly recommend Kerry as a Life Coach and Firewalk Instructor!"

— Karina B. Heart 

Master Firewalk Instructor, Life Coach, Seminar Leader


"Sacred Firewalking has helped me see in a real world experience that I can move through any challenge in my life, through a fearlessness that involves focused intentions which create a vibrantly clear and loving image of what I want out of life.  Kerry, through sincerity, humor, and razor focus has helped me begin to consciously create a new and abundant life for myself and all those I come in contact with.  Thank you Kerry."

— Jaime Allen Poyant

Explorer of Sacred Sound, Firetender


"The epiphany for me was 'do I really fear that which I crave so much'? The accomplishment of walking on hot coals proved to me that I am a powerful, creative & free woman and I can do ANYTHING ... I just did!, I am!   There are not enough words to thank-you Kerry, for offering each of us this incredible  life-changing journey."

— Patricia Zimmer 

Owner, Green Lotus Fabric Design


"I have taken many classes with Kerry. She has really helped me to see beyond what my mind perceives. I now know the truth between my fears and my reality. Without Kerry's help I'm sure I would not be where I am today!! Thank you Kerry for helping me accomplish my goals and bringing them into reality without fear, you're the best!!" 

—Christine Dobyna

Co-Owner, Sisters of Solace


"This was truly a transformational experience for me. I was tangled up in a web of ambivalence and doubt and anticipation of failure. But when you break through that, something inside of you changes. An amazing experience—thank you."